Baby named for new year birthday

20:13, Jan 01 2013
Taulogo New Year Taulogo
EXTRA SPECIAL: Siilima Taulogo gave birth to a baby 21 minutes into New Year and named him Taulogo New Year Taulogo.

The first baby born in Wellington Hospital this year has been named for the occasion.

Taulogo New Year Taulogo was born at 12.21am yesterday by caesarean section to mum Siilima Taulogo, 35.

"It's special for him to be born on New Year's Day. He's big, he's strong. He's a good boy," Mrs Taulogo said of her 3.24kg son, who sports an impressive head of hair.

The newborn has two older brothers, Molly, 8, and Christian, 6. His mother is keen to add to the family, and wants to mark another special day.

"Next year I'm going to have a Christmas baby," she said.

Taulogo has not yet met his brothers, who were both born in Samoa before the family moved to the Wellington suburb of Berhampore three years ago. But dad Tikoa was due to bring the boys in to see their new baby brother later yesterday.


Midwife Gaupule Ahkuoi said Mrs Taulogo had made a good recovery after the operation and a 17-hour labour, and the latest addition to the family was "a model baby".

Taulogo was not the first baby of the new year, however - that was William Talakai, who was born at 12.02am at at National Women's Hospital in Auckland.

Father Tevita Talakai said it was a New Year he would never forget: "It's an awesome feeling and a great experience to be in the room during his birth. All my mates were out partying and I was waiting for my son to arrive."

William was just ahead of Kobie Zayla Wilson, who was born in Christchurch at 12.06am, one of nine babies born in the city between midnight and noon yesterday. Kobie, a 3.08kg girl, had been due on Boxing Day.

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