Sky Tower stand-off ends

10:24, Jan 05 2013
An unidentified man sits at the top of the Sky Tower. Police are negotiating with him.

The agitated man threatening to throw himself off Auckland's Sky Tower has been escorted down safely.

A priest and police negotiators have been with the man since for several hours.

The man threatened to throw himself off the bungy platform about 3pm.

Cordons were placed around Federal and Victoria streets where a large crowd had gathered.

The man could be seen from the ground as a blur of orange at the end of the bungy platform.

Witnesses looking through large camera lenses said he appeared agitated.

He was walking around, climbing down a ladder, then climbing back to the platform.

The man is in police custody but no details of charges are available.

All cordons have been removed and roads surrounding the Sky Tower are now open.