Cyclist's death due to 'perfect storm' - police

16:00, Jan 06 2013
A body is removed from the accident scene involving a cyclist in Ohariu Valley Rd.
FATAL BEND: A body is removed from the accident scene involving a cyclist in Ohariu Valley Rd.

The collision between a bike and trailer that killed a cyclist near Johnsonville was just bad luck, police say.

Waikanae man Douglas Henry Mabey, 56, died on Saturday after colliding with a trailer being towed by a Toyota four-wheel-drive along Ohariu Valley Rd about 9.20am.

Sergeant Peter Sowter, of the Wellington police serious crash unit, said it appeared neither the cyclist nor the driver had done anything "majorly" wrong.

Mr Mabey was going around a 90-degree bend when the rear wheel of his road bike locked up, causing him to skid across the centre line, Mr Sowter said.

"Unfortunately for him, there was someone coming the other way.

"It's just really unfortunate. I imagine if the car hadn't been there, [the cyclist] would have carried on around the corner and we'd be none the wiser."


"It was a whole sequence of really minor things that came together to create what I guess you could call a perfect storm."

The cyclist was about 1.5km past the intersection with Mclintock St North when the crash occurred, Mr Sowter said.

"It's the trailer that he's hit, so again, if [the car] didn't have a trailer on the back, he probably would have gone behind the car and everybody would be breathing a huge sigh of relief."

Mr Sowter said the car was not speeding and road conditions were perfect for both driving and cycling.

There was no suggestion the car had cut the corner.

Mr Mabey was riding with a male companion who was in front of the man and did not see the crash, Mr Sowter said.

He had not spoken to the driver. "But it's my understanding that he's quite shaken up by the whole thing."

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