Three-year-old run over by car

01:35, Jan 09 2013

A three-year-old run over in the Waikato coastal town of Raglan this morning while riding a scooter was saved by his helmet.

Riding on his scooter on a boat ramp around 9.30am, the child was run over by a slow-moving car. He briefly had his head under the wheel of the car.


The boy was flown to Waikato Hospital in a moderate condition.


A spokesperson from the hospital said the boy was in the emergency department in a moderate condition, and no bones were broken.


The mother of the child said he was a "very lucky boy", because there were people around to help out quickly.

The driver of the car and two bystanders rushed to help.

"It was great to see the public do what they did. It was a pretty good example of the goodwill of people," she said.

"We were certainly thanking God as we were being transferred by the helicopter. Thanks to everyone in the emergency services as well. They were marvellous."

The mother said it was a shame there was no playground for children to use at the bay.