Bashed firefighter keen to return to service

16:00, Jan 13 2013
Peter Fisher
Martinborough volunteer firefighter Peter Fisher

Martinborough bashing victim Peter Fisher hopes to return to work as a volunteer firefighter once he has fully recovered from the brutal attack that shattered his face, his father says.

Mr Fisher was released from hospital last week - more than 10 weeks after he was assaulted.

He has spent the past two months in Porirua's ABI Rehabilitation, a centre that provides rehabilitation services for people with traumatic brain injuries or strokes.

A scan of bashed firefighter Peter Fisher's skull
SHATTERED: A scan of bashed firefighter Peter Fisher's skull before the surgery.

He will now continue his intensive rehabilitation with a local physiotherapist.

His father, Brian Fisher, said they were glad he was finally home.

"We have a great admiration for the people at ABI Rehabilitation.


"They have done an absolutely marvellous job, very professional."

Peter Fisher had gone to eject an unwanted guest from a gathering of 14-year-olds in Martinborough on October 28, when a gatecrasher is alleged to have attacked him.

He suffered some brain damage as well as extensive fractures to his eye sockets, nose, cheeks and mouth, including a dislodged upper palate and three missing teeth.

Repairing Mr Fisher's injured face had been like doing a jigsaw puzzle, surgeon Swee Tan said later.

Mr Fisher said there was still a long way to go in his son's recovery but Peter was hoping to return to work and the fire service.

"We just want to see continued improvement now and he wants to get back to work in the flooring industry as soon as possible.

"That obviously won't happen for a while, because there's a lot of heavy work involved.

"So it's a case of him getting his strength back.

"And he loves the fire brigade, so he's wanting to go back there as well.

"There's probably the odd thing he can do down there, taking bit of training, but he will have to get the OK before he can do that."

Peter Fisher is still walking with the help of a cane and has some paralysis on his left side.

Martinborough man Milton Haira, 25, has been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, as well as assaulting four teenage girls and threatening to kill three members of the group.

He was remanded in custody without plea until Friday, when he will reappear in the Masterton District Court.

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