Climbers rescued from crevasse

21:19, Jan 13 2013

Two climbers were rescued from Mt Tasman early this morning after becoming trapped in a vertical crevasse during their descent.

A rescue team was deployed at first light to search for the pair who were overdue from a climb.

The Australian, 23, and British man, 25, successfully climbed to the summit on Saturday, Mid-South Canterbury Area Commander Inspector Dave Gaskin said.

However, they ''got stuck'' on their return and spent two nights in the crevasse awaiting rescue.

The pair were reported missing from the Plateau Hut to the Department of Conservation, and severe weather conditions raised concerns for their welfare.

The men were lifted to safety by helicopter long line early this morning. Rescuers used a fixed rope to airlift the climbers due to the steep terrain.

Both men were ''cold and wet'' but unharmed and were transported safely to Mt Cook Village, Gaskin said.


The Timaru Herald