11,000 quakes since September 2010

01:32, Jan 17 2013

A magnitude-3.3 earthquake which struck Christchurch this afternoon marks the 11,000th tremor since September 4, 2010.

The small earthquake hit at 12.55pm, 15 kilometres east of Christchurch at a depth of 6km.

Over 163 people reported feeling the "moderate" intensity shake on the GeoNet website.

Press reporter Charlie Gates tweeted: "Ooh. Bit of a rumble. First for a while."

Twitter user Kev Mair said "Wibble wobble in Chch CBD".

According to Christchurch Quake Map, the quake was the 11,000th the region has experienced since the magnitude-7.1 struck early in the morning on September 4 2010.


GNS Science geological hazard modeller Matt Gerstenberger said 11,000 earthquakes was a significant, but expected, number of earthquakes for the region to have experienced.

"Anyone living there knows what it has been like. However, it is in the range of what we would have expected for a region which has had a larger earthquake. "

Many of those earthquakes would not have been felt, Gerstenberger said.

"Many would have been so small they wouldn't have been noticed. Also, I'm not sure what the minimum magnitude for a quake is that is mapped on that website, but that [11,000] figure would be in the range I suspect".

He did not expect the number of earthquakes mapped to go up greatly in the near future.

"According to the aftershock sequence, the aftershocks will now be further apart and so the number will go up slowly over time.

"There won't be a huge or sudden increase."

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