Cat eradication 'barking mad'

Prime Minister John Key has labelled a call to phase out domestic cats "barking mad" - and admits his much loved family cat Moonbeam is far from a natural born killer.

"Moonbeam sleeps inside. She's got a bell. She couldn't catch a cold, let alone a bird," Key said today.

Philanthropist and economist Gareth Morgan this week launched the Cats to Go website in an effort to save the native bird population. The site called for the eradication of the "friendly neighbourhood serial killer".

At the time of the site’s launch he commented people should consider their current family cat the last one in an effort to help save the birds.

The website suggested killing cats was an option, but cat owners should also control their pets in order to protect native species. Key today said the plan sounded "barking mad".

"Well it's actually meowing mad isn't it? Look I'm sure there are a few cats that catch a few birds, but that's not the big issue is it?"

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