Dogs seized after mauling

00:40, Jan 29 2013

Two dogs responsible for mauling a woman in Christchurch have been taken by the council.

Kyla Strahl, 27, was walking her labrador, Rudy, outside her mothers house in South New Brighton Park last Monday when the neighbour's dogs jumped the fence and attacked her.

The dogs latched on to Strahl, biting her arm, hand and leg before five people managed to pull the dogs off.

Her mother, Judy Strahl, saw the whole incident.

"I heard all this screaming and rushed down," she said.

"They bit her one arm very badly, right down to the bone. There was a lot of blood."


The dogs also attacked Rudy and knocked over Strahl's heavily pregnant sister.

Strahl was in hospital for five days following the attack and had to have several operations on her arm, which was bitten to the bone by the dogs.

A Christchurch city council spokeswoman confirmed this morning that the council had "gathered all the information necessary" and had removed the two dogs from the property.

"The dogs are being held in custody pending a decision and further enforcement action," she said.

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