Stadium masses put on their party best

Last updated 12:20 02/02/2013
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Fans are ready for day two of the Wellington Sevens and for the most part are staying safe and well behaved.

Snow Globes
Gemma Easton(paris) leads the Snow Globes onto the turf after winning the Supreme Award of the DomPost Costume Competition.
 Mark Shand and Katie Martinon
ORIGINALITY: Marmite lovers seeing Mark Shand and Katie Martinon might have been forgiven for thinking their Marmite withdrawals had sparked a yeast spread-inspired hallucination.

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To anyone who woke up from the Sevens in bare feet and a wetsuit this morning - the police have your flippers.

Aside from a few who did not quite pass the "attitude test" police said they were "very impressed" with the crowds at day one of the New Zealand Sevens in Wellington yesterday.

And aside from the flippers and a particularly extravagant pirate hat, revellers seemed to hold on to their clothes exceptionally well, according to the Wellington police lost property office.

A spokeswoman said, should anyone actually be missing them, the flippers were bagged up and ready to go for round two, and the usual assortment of wallets and sunglasses had also filled lost property.

Inspector Terry van Dillen said the attitude of the crowd "was to be commended". 

"All of them were quite good. We're very pleased with yesterday and while we had a few people who didn't quite meet the standard, most were happy and having fun in a responsible way."

He said it was important people to got to the stadium early for their wristbands, as there were a few bottlenecks yesterday. 

This was the first year to see a wristband system for all those who wanted to purchase alcohol inside the stadium. 

Van Dillen said the system had worked well.

"Aside from a few drunkards who didn't quite pass what I call the 'attitude test', there were some great costumes, everyone was in good spirits and had great attitudes. 

"Although we're not sure of the St John figures, it might pay to remind people that the venue is a rugby stadium and not really fit for partying. 

"We saw more than a few take some falls trying to climb over seats, and we know St John were busy dealing with a few people who suffered cuts and bumps."

Wellington Sevens general manager Steve Walters said the wrist-band system had been a great idea.

"We had a debrief on yesterday's events early today, and we are really happy with the way things went.

"We had a low number of arrests, a low eviction rate and a low injury rate, so it seems as though the messages are sinking in."

At 10pm last night there were 18 evictions and four arrests from Westpac Stadium, which holds about 35,000.

Walters said those who did fall on the wrong side of police and security were perhaps those who did not take the hydration message seriously.

"It's been very hot and dry weather and it's important that people stay hydrated with water as well."

He hoped on day two, the crowd would turn their focus more toward the rugby.

"Day one is always pool play so it doesn't mean a team is kicked out if they lose a game, but on day two, you lose, you're out.

"The focus will definitely be on hoping New Zealand gets through to the final. After a few upsets yesterday nothing is guaranteed, and I'm sure Tietjens gave the boys a bit of a talking to.''

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