Sunny, settled end to summer

There's only two weeks left of summer, but the season looks set to go out on a high.

While it won't quite match the country's 10 solid days of sunshine in late January and early February, MetService is predicting another long run of settled weather. 

Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch all stand to enjoy at least eight fine days out of the next 10, with the capital on track to get nine days of sunshine.

Forecaster Daniel Corbett said a high was coming in but it would not be "locked" over the country like the last one was.

"To have 10 straight days of warm, settled weather in Wellington without a cloud in the sky is rare. 

"It should be a good run, but it might be slightly cloudier and there might be a couple of days that could be a bit of a fly in the ointment."

Over the next few days, the North Island is expected to be mostly fine with just a few cloudy areas. 

In the South Island, it would be mainly fine inland and in the north, with a few showers in the west and south. 

Temperatures in most places should be hitting the 20 degree Celsius mark or higher - news which is sure to be welcomed by beach revellers and city folk.

But for many farmers and others who would like to see rain, MetService said it could be a while yet before any meaningful rainfall occurs. 

"Last month, January was very sunny in places and obviously very dry. Even though there may be a few showers about the place here and there, it will be some time before those in drought places will see a reprieve."

Corbett said an "anti cyclonic ridge axis" was moving over the country, which was why New Zealand had enjoyed a particularly good summer.