Skater claims driver forced him off the road

16:00, Feb 20 2013
Adam Holdin
ROAD WARS: Adam Holdin, 14, says he was driven off the road by an angry motorist on Sunday, causing him to crash head first into the kerb.

Police are urging people using roads for longboarding to be sensible after a skater crashed in New Plymouth at the weekend.

Adam Holdin, 14, crashed off his longboard and suffered a mild head injury, a broken nose and grazes to his arms and face and claims he was forced off Huatoki St by a motorist on Sunday.

He said the motorist sped up to catch him then drove close to him, shouting abuse out of the window causing him to hit the kerb and crash.

Adam and his friends use the Huatoki St hill to ride their longboards at speeds of up to 50kmh.

They wear helmets, one person rides at a time, and people are stationed at the top of the hill to warn the rider of cars approaching.

Adam said he got 10m down the hill then was told a car was behind him.


He said the driver would not have caught him if he stayed at 50kmh, but intentionally sped up, causing Adam to crash headfirst into the kerb.

"He didn't brake for the corner and went up close to me yelling out the window which threw me off balance."

His longboard was damaged and he needed a new helmet.

Sergeant George White said it was not illegal to longboard on the road, but normal road rules applied.

He said longboards were not suitable to ride at high speeds on the road with other road users.

"If you're roaring down a hill and going too fast and lose control, that's bad news.

"You've got to be aware of other vehicles."

He said the warning from police was simple.

"You've got to be sensible and safe."

He said he strongly encouraged the use of helmets for scooter and longboard riders.

"If I see kids riding scooters with helmets I'll give them a lollipop.

"We're not the fun police, we're more than happy for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors, just take precautions."

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