Family to turn off gran's life support

The family of an Auckland grandmother will gather around her hospital bed before turning off her life-support machine today.

Otahuhu woman Sunipa Ofanoa, 66, was crushed by an SUV vehicle which veered across a South Auckland road into her as she waited for a bus with her two grandchildren on Tuesday afternoon.

Though she was in a stable but critical condition in Middlemore Hospital on Tuesday night, she suffered a severe brain injury and the family yesterday made the agonising decision to end her suffering today while she was surrounded by loved ones.

Daughter-in-law Judith Hartstone said the hospital had been packed by friends and family who were devastated by the horrendous incident.

The one consolation was that Mrs Ofanoa's two grandchildren had escaped relatively unscathed.

Hartstone said her 9-year-old niece had come out of the accident better both mentally and psychologically. "The little one's probably dealing with it better; she's talking about it matter-of-factly. The 15-year-old's trying to rationalise it in her head - you know, the what-if scenarios," she said.

The accident happened at 4.30pm on Tuesday: a 4x4 travelling south along Great South Rd in Manurewa lost control and smashed into the shelter on the corner of Halsey St, a police spokeswoman said.

Mrs Ofanoa took the full force of the vehicle. She was rushed to hospital, and the two children, the driver of the vehicle and a passenger were taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.