Unfit cops to be hooked from the beat

23:16, Feb 28 2013

Hundreds of unfit police will be pulled from the front line and only allowed back on the streets when they are in shape, under rules which came into force today.

The rules require all constables, sergeants and senior sergeants to hold a current Physical Competency Test (PCT) to be deployed.

About 95 per cent of the staff held a current PCT, and there were 331 staff without one.

The PCT was a 400-metre course, and included tasks like dragging a body seven meters, climbing a wall, and climbing through a window.

Deputy Commissioner Mike Bush said the rules meant the public could trust police were fit enough to do their jobs.

"Those staff that are unable to complete their PCT due to injury or illness are all on rehabilitation plans, designed to help them to get their PCT," he said.

"These staff are not in frontline roles whilst on a remedial programme."

Bush said police commissioned the University of Otago to review the test, which was finished in 2011.

The university said the test, which was created in 1986, was a "very good tool" that had stood the test of time.

Bush said New Zealand was one of very few countries with a physical standard.

Completion times for the PCT course were determined according to the officer's age and gender.


- Pushing a car trailer 10 metres

- Carrying a car wheel assembly 10 metres

- Running 200 metres

- Walking a five metre right-angle beam, a metre off the ground

- Jumping a 1.8 metre long jump

- Running around cones and under and over hurdles for 30 metres

- Climbing through a one metre-high window

- Climbing over a solid 1.8-metre high wall

- Dragging a body 7.5 metres

- Climbing a 2.2 metre-high wire fence.