Fatal fall at Auckland adventure park

A man has fallen to his death during a team building day at an adventure park in West Auckland, police say.

The 57-year-old man died at the scene, despite the efforts of a doctor and paramedic who were also on a course at Treetops Adventures, police said.

3News reported that the man was walking the highest rope course between trees when, in front of other climbers, he plunged 14 metres to the ground.

“His wife was there and she was freaking out,” a witness told 3News.

One witness told 3News that the day was extremely busy for the instructors. Many groups were there for birthday parties.

Several people at the park today describe the safety briefings beforehand as lax and half-hearted, according to 3News.

"At one point the father of the girl whose birthday party I was attending said to the owner ‘this is really understaffed and overcrowded’ and the guy just waved him off,” a witness said.

“I was completely blown away. I thought it would be safety first, but it just seemed to be really careless."

The park features 110 high-wire activities and flying foxes.

Tree Adventures said in a statement that the park had been closed until further notice and the company was working with police and the Department of Labour to find out what happened.

''The events of today are an absolute tragedy and we extend our deepest condolences to the family members and friends.’’

Safety was always a ‘‘number one priority’’ and ‘‘today was no exception," Tree Adventures said.

‘‘We insist on lengthy and detailed safety briefing prior to anyone using the course, as well as ongoing supervision from Tree Adventures staff throughout participants’ use of the courses.''

Staff at the park were upset and would be offered counselling, the company said.

Victim Support were working with the man's family and colleagues, police said.