Wheelchair victim still suffering

06:20, Mar 07 2013

A woman hit by a freight train when her electric wheel chair became trapped in railway lines had just started living in her own home, TV3 reported tonight.

They said the woman, who has cerebral palsy, is deaf and can only communicate with the help of a keyboard, had just moved into a unit in Auckland's Kingsland the day before she was run down on February 25.

The woman's mother, who was not identified, told TV3 her daughter had just moved into a unit the day before and on the morning of the accident was heading to the Kingsland station to take a train to work.

"It was another sign of her independence."

She said her daughter had been severely injured and lost a foot in the crash.

TV3 reported that the mother, who was self-employed, appealed to the Accident Compensation Corporation to help assist her with compensation for the cost of parking at Auckland Hospital and loss of her earnings.

ACC initially refused to pay anything but when approached by TV3 they agreed to. 

At one stage the woman's mother asked doctors what she could do for her only child.

"They said pray."

The mother hailed the people who struggled to save her daughter.

"They clearly saved her life."


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