Social media blamed for out-of-control party

22:53, Mar 15 2013

Several arrests have been made overnight after a Christchurch party was samped by revellers. 

The occupants of house in Percy St, Phillipstown, were charging a door fee for partygoers, but called police when the party got out of hand.

About 300 people were at the house and it is believed the numbers swelled after the event was shared on social media sites. 

Police said complaints about noise and disorderly behaviour started coming in from 9pm, and there were about 100 people on the footpath and the vicinity of the address when police started clearing out the party at 10.30pm.

It took about two hours to break up small groups of revellers and move them on.

Several people were arrested and charged with disorder and willful damage after fences and letterboxes were damaged and property was tagged.


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