ACC warns of Easter dangers

02:03, Mar 27 2013

Be wary of exploding eggs and falling down rabbit holes this Easter.

Last Easter, nearly 20,000 people found themselves maimed or injured in holiday-related injuries, costing the ACC just over $12 million.

ACC figures show many of the injuries involved rabbits and eggs, along with a few bun-related accidents.

At Easter last year, a total of 19,544 claims were received for injuries in all locations, and of those, 9017 were caused in the home.

The total cost of claims in that period reached $12.21m.

ACC general manager of insurance and prevention services John Beaglehole said safety needed to be considered, especially with Easter egg hunts.

"More injuries happen in or around the home than anywhere else, but there are simple steps you can take to improve your safety," he said.

"Clearing away clutter, cleaning up wet spills and making sure there are no loose rugs will help make sure the kids stay on their feet and get to enjoy an egg at the end of the scavenger hunt, instead of a trip to A and E."

He said injuries last Easter included allergic reactions to eggs, exploding eggs, cooking burns and slipping on spilt eggs.

Rabbit-related injuries were caused by strained muscles from lifting hutches, scratches and bites, and a couple of people who put their foot down a rabbit hole.

Eggs were involved in 182 home-injury claims, and 386 claims mentioned the word rabbit. Four claims were received for hot-cross bun-related injuries, mostly involving knives.