How about the Yeah and Nah islands

09:31, Apr 03 2013

How would you like to live in the 'Fush' or 'Chup' islands?

It was among the creative suggestions put forth by Twitter users to rename the North and South islands after it was revealed the English names were never official.

The New Zealand Geographic Board is to open a public consultation tomorrow to decide whether alternative Maori names, Te Ika-a-Maui and Te Waipounamu should be formalised alongside the existing English

Although 81 per cent of Stuff readers voted against the idea of a name change, social media indicates some New Zealanders have different ideas on what our two main islands should be called.

Under the trending topic #nzislands, Twitter users brainstormed to bestow completely new monickers upon the North and South Islands.

Some thought the islands should be based on Kiwiana and popular culture icons.

"My favorite #nzislands suggestions so far are Van and Munter followed by Yeah and Nah!" said @c0ina.

"Hokey and Pokey," @stevemain offered.

Others reflected the linguistic differences between each island, with @toby_etc suggesting 'Cribs' and 'Baches'.

'Ka' and 'Pai' and 'Tahi' and 'Rua' were also popular suggestions, perhaps showing that New Zealanders were not opposed to the idea of alternative Maori names.

Sadly it is unlikely any of these names will be put forth to the Geographic Board, however.