Stuff top 10: 29 April - 5 May 2013

00:54, May 08 2013
Parekura Horomia
MOURNERS: Waikato-Tainui spokesman Rahui Papa, Shane Jones, David Shearer, Whatumoana Paki and Maori King Tuheitia at the tangi of Labour MP Parekura Horomia.
Parekura Horomia'
Labour MP Parekura Horomia's tangi at Hauiti Marae.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
Parekura Horomia's feather-cloaked coffin is placed within Hauiti Marae, where his family sit.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
Labour MP Parekura Horomia's tangi at Hauiti Marae.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
Parekura Horomia's daughter-in-law, Robyn Horomia, wipes a tear as she sits with his coffin.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
Mourners pay their respects on the second day of Parekura Horomia's tangi.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
A hongi is shared between Tuhoe kaumatua Tu Waaka, left, and Ngati Porou's Wayne Ngata.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
Tatau Pounamu: Tuhoe kaumatua Tu Waaka places a peace offering which is accepted by Ngati Porou Wayne Ngata.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
Prime Minister John Key, David Carter, and Bill English attend Parekura Horomia's tangi.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
National MPs arrive.
Parekura Horomia's tangi
National MPs arrive.
Horomia tangi
Te Rau o Te Huia (3 years) Parakura's grand daughter center is flanked from left by Tipi Horomia (brother) Hakaraia Horomia (brother),Wallace (Waldo) Horomia(son) ,Ariana Roberts(niece)

Stuff's most-read stories from last week range from the death of MP Parekura Horomia and revelations around embattled MP Aaron Gilmore, to video of a jet crash in Afghanistan.

1. MP Parekura Horomia dead

Labour Maori affairs spokesman Parekura Horomia died last week.

2. The man at centre of Taiaroa probe

The man who owns the property at the centre of the investigation into George Taiaroa's death is Quinton Paul Winders.

3. Mother shunned after 11 years missing

The teenage daughter of a woman who secretly left her family 11 years ago says she's angry and doesn't want to have a relationship with her.

4. MP's friend claims waiter threatened with PM

MP Aaron Gilmore threatened to get Prime Minister John Key to have a waiter sacked after the MP was refused more wine at a dinner at a National Party function at the weekend, a witness says.

5. Shocking video shows jet plummeting to earth

A US cargo plane company has released the names of seven people killed when one of its planes crashed in Afghanistan, and investigators are trying to discover why it went down right after takeoff.

6. Beyonce embarrasses princess

Beyonce Knowles made Princess Eugenie of Britain turn "bright-red" at a concert this week.

7. Husband calls for doctor to be sacked

An Invercargill man has demanded the sacking of a Southland Hospital doctor after his ill wife was misdiagnosed and sent home where she later went into toxic shock and became seriously ill.

8. Boy, 5, kills sister with his gun

In southern Kentucky, where children get their first guns even before they start school, Stephanie Sparks paid little attention as her 5-year-old son played with the rifle he was given last year.

9. Middleton a 'lioness' about baby

Kate Middleton is a "lioness" when it comes to decisions about her baby, and is leaving the palace behind to move in with her mum after the birth, according to a British report.

10. Bungled petrol theft flips woman

A daring and ultimately bungled fuel theft near Brisbane saw a woman tossed into the air and petrol pouring out of a broken bowser hose. 


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