Facebook group deleted after police complaint

Gore police receive complaint from 19-year-old girl.

Gore police receive complaint from 19-year-old girl.

She posed in her lingerie for a photo.

Without her knowledge, he posted it to a social media group he'd set up called 'Boobs and Butts' for his mates to see.

That earned him the attention of the police.

A 19-year-old Gore man has been interviewed by police about a Facebook group he set up after they received a complaint from a 19-year-old girl, who was told by friends that a picture of her in her underwear had been posted online.

The page was closed down when she confronted him.

Senior constable Adam Roberts said the online group was a closed one, which meant the man had to allow people to view the page.

Police were making inquiries into how many members the group had, but it was believed that most were based in the Gore area, as were the women that had been photographed and had pictures posted, he said.

"We've had initial discussions with one of the members of the group and expect to have further discussions.

"The page has been taken down but people need to be aware that this type of Facebook page can lead to charges being laid."

"In saying that, people should be careful about photos and videos taken in intimate relationships. Once they are taken you have no control over those images and where they will end up. They can impact later on in life with job prospects and relationship prospects."

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He said police knew sexting happened in high schools in the district.

"It's a real concern. We know it goes on. In this case it was 19-year-olds but parents need to talk to their kids and ensure that they know about cyber safety."

Under the Harmful Digital Communications Act a person causing harm by posting a digital communication, with the intention of causing harm to the victim, could be sentenced to two year's imprisonment and be fined up to $200,000.

Netsafe CEO Martin Coker said about 90 people had been prosecuted by police for posting 'revenge porn' pictures since the act was introduced in 2015.

"A great many are for situations where someone has posted the pictures in a revenge porn type situation."

"It is something we are see more and more people doing. There is a false belief that because there is a growth in these type of ex-girlfriend and ex-wife pornography categories that it is okay to post these images, but it is illegal."

People who found pictures of themselves posted online could contact Netsafe, who worked to get the pictures removed, and the police, who could investigate and prosecute, he said.


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