Desperate parents of Alice Tocher show photos around Brisbane of missing daughter

Dunedin mum-of-three Alice Tocher is missing, and believed to be in Australia.

Dunedin mum-of-three Alice Tocher is missing, and believed to be in Australia.

The desperate parents of Alice Tocher are showing photographs of their missing daughter in the hope of making a breakthrough in her disappearance.

Concerned with their daughter's safety, Peter and Jennine Tocher flew to Brisbane on Tuesday morning.

"Being here and being aware she might be somewhere nearby makes us hopeful," Peter Tocher, of Melbourne, said.

A passport and handbag belonging to the 31-year-old Dunedin woman were recovered near an art gallery in Brisbane on Monday afternoon.

A receipt reveals she paid cash at a Brisbane supermarket for a bottle of water, bread rolls and a sim card, which was found inside her wallet.

Dad's plea to missing daughter who boarded flight to Brisbane
Missing mum boarded flight

Tocher said the receipt showed she may have cash on her, and no-one had gone through her bag before it was discarded.

Staff were reviewing CCTV footage of the area around the art gallery.

Police took the couple on a walk around the area, and had assembled a specialist team to find Alice Tocher.

"They are knocking themselves out," her father said.

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"Because she's not from here, there's no point of reference from where she might go.

"There are more questions coming up with incident."

Peter Tocher believed his daughter, who was a "trusting person", may have gone somewhere with someone she met.

As part of the search, the couple were showing pictures of their daughter to people.

"Who knows if it is a fruitless, useless thing to do, it is keeping us occupied."

Alice Tocher went missing after dropping her daughter off in the Dunedin suburb of St Kilda on Thursday.

On Sunday, a person recognised her picture as a person who boarded a flight from Christchurch to Brisbane on Friday.

"She was moved to the front of the plane – was very anxious – possibly scared of flying," the person wrote.

Tocher had been overseas only once, and that was to visit her parents two years ago.

Peter Tocher urged his daughter to "make contact with Mum and Dad".

"We love her, we miss her and we want everything to be right for her."

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