Protests against GE crops

Hundreds of people marched across the country in protest at genetically modified crops.

In Christchurch demonstrators marched down Riccarton Rd and obstructed traffic to protest.

The protests are part of global marches against American genetic engineering agricultural giant Monsanto.

“Fewer and fewer companies control more and more of our food chain and their interests are in making money, not feeding people good food,’’ said Green Party genetic engineering spokesman Steffan Browning, who led the march from the intersection of Riccarton Rd and Deans Ave to Shand Cres.

“Monsanto is one of the most dominant companies in the food supply.

“We need a food system that works in the interests of people, not corporations. The huge support for this global action shows that the people want a better way.”

A policeman struggled to keep the protesters on the footpath, while several motorists tooted their support.

‘‘I don’t like that they are messing with nature,’’ said protester Lisa Tulk, who came into the city from Little River for the protest.

Protesters shouted ‘‘Monsanto, out you go’’ and ‘‘We don’t want no GMO’’ as they marched.

in Wellington, about 100 people gathered near the Oriental Parade to hear guest speakers voice their concern about the possibility of introducing genetically-modified organisms in New Zealand.

After the speeches, the group marched along the waterfront, carrying a placards and a petition

A smattering of Aucklanders lent their support to the worldwide campaign to ban Monsato weed-killing products which they claim are responsible for serious health defects and a plunge in the been population.

In a day of protest in 40 countries, gatherings were also held in Rotorua, Whangarei, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Nelson.

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