Family home hit twice by fire

20:08, Jun 16 2013

A Hawke's Bay family who had already moved from their house after a fire were the victims of a second fire overnight - this one a suspected arson.

Senior station officer Kerry Harford, of the Hastings Fire Service, said firefighters got a call to the Fitzroy Ave, Hastings about 4am.

When crews arrived part of the house was well ablaze with flames coming out a window.

There were signs of a break-in, he said.

Firefighters arrived to the wooden villa ''in the nick of time'' and confined the fire to the bedroom it started in.

The fire was thought to be suspicious and Fire Safety officers and police were investigating.

The same house caught fire early last week, causing smoke damage through the house and meaning the family had moved out while it was repaired.

That fire was not deemed suspicious.

The family returned to the house this morning, Harford said.


The Dominion Post