Winter favourites prove hazardous

Soup, slippers and heating are cold-weather essentials that proved too hot to handle for 671 New Zealanders last winter.

ACC figures show how treacherous a winter household can be.

If you were thinking about tucking into some soup this evening, think again.

You could end up like one of the 128 ACC claimants who fell victim to the boiling broth between June and August last year.

Among their injuries were burned mouths from sipping hot soup, cut fingers from chopping soup vegetables and feet sore after soup cans dropped on them.

Other winter favourites also proved hazardous.

Correct slipper sizing and technique need to be adhered to, as 81 people were fell foul of the fluffy footwear, with many claimants attributing accidents to wearing slippers that were too big.

And the next time you are sitting by the fire or heater spare a thought for the 462 people they hurt.

New Zealanders burned almost every conceivable body part on heaters, with injuries occurring when people lifted, tripped over, backed into, sat on and fell asleep or dried themselves in front of heaters.

ACC's general manager of insurance and prevention services, John Beaglehole, said during the cold winter months people typically spent more time at home, and that is where the most injuries happen in New Zealand.

"More than a third of the roughly 1.7 million claims that ACC receives each year are for injuries that happen in or around the home.

"When we're at home, we probably let our guard down a bit, and we don't think about safety as much as we might if we were at work or on the road."

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