Missing boatie Alan Langdon estranged from close family

Alan Langdon and his daughter, Que.

Alan Langdon and his daughter, Que.

Alan Langdon was a good father and a good friend, some Kawhia mates have said, but he wasn't much of a husband. 

The Kawhia man known as Paddles to locals was estranged from his own family as well as his former wife. 

His friends became family to him. 

Langdon sailed from Kawhia Harbour with his six-year-old daughter, Que Langdon, on December 19, in his blue catamaran. The two have not been seen since. 

Yachtie Alan Langdon's catamaran could reach Australia 
Police probe whether boatie Alan Langdon means to disappear
Search for missing father and daughter ends, probe continues

Speculation is rife that Langdon, an experienced yachtie, has sailed to Australia to escape pending family court proceedings actioned by his estranged wife and mother of Que, Ariane Wyler. 

Police have alerted Interpol and have concluded their physical search of the New Zealand coastline. 

Langdon's father, Wally Langdon, had no comment about his son when approached in Kawhia on Friday.

Two friends of Langdon's who do not want to be named were happy to talk, however.

"Paddles would come over all the time with Que. She adored her daddy. He really doted on her. He would lend a hand if you needed it," one said. 

"But I would hate to be his wife. He used psychological games on Ariane, he would mess with her head quite a bit. Paddles was a s... husband."

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The friend said Wyler suffered from an illness and instead of encouraging her to see a doctor, Langdon made her work and said that would fix her.

"It's like telling someone who has a broken leg to just walk it off. He was terrible like that," she said.

"He used her ... illness as a reason to keep Que away from her mother. It was total b........"

The friend said Langdon did not tell close friends he was sailing overseas.

"He didn't say a word. He just told Que that they were going on a big adventure. She was excited about it."

It is understood Langdon has older children and a grandchild, all stemming from a previous relationship. 

"He hasn't met his grandkid. I heard his first partner left him for the same reasons – mind games."

Another friend described Langdon as a "boatie expert" who lived for the sea. 

"He knew his way around a boat, that's for sure. He rebuilt that catamaran he took off on. He used to work on it out in the harbour, too."

Both friends said Langdon was estranged from his mother and father, who live five minutes' drive outside Kawhia township. 

"That's why he lived with Mary [Smith]. He never talked to his parents. Que knew of them but didn't spend time with them. His parents are really good people."

The friend said Langdon had not spoken to his parents for a number of years and said it was a "historic matter" that kept them distant, one rarely spoken of. 

Despite being a bonafide sailor, Langdon was not a member of the local boat club.

Wyler, who is based in Nelson but is currently visiting her home country of Switzerland, told RNZ that she'd been verbally threatened before.

"Not only once, more than once, that I will never see my daughter again and I will not be able to find them, so make up your own mind what you want to read into this.

"I'm totally convinced and I know Alan and he's capable of disappearing. He's done it in the past on his own. This time Que is with him.  Australia is very, very, very large as we all know and people do disappear and I totally believe he's capable of doing that. So that is also a crucial point. Time matters if you understand once he gets to the shore, he can disappear - he can vanish and I'm convinced of that."

Wyler has hired a private child recovery expert to find Que. 

One of Langdon's friends had a message for him: "Grow up. Look at what you have put everyone through. Bring Que back." 


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