Stripping down when it's coming down

17:00, Jun 20 2013
Lenin Lunar, Hanmer Springs snow
NICE DAY FOR IT: Lenin Lunar strips down for lunch in Hanmer Springs yesterday.

While most Cantabrians were taking refuge from the snow inside under a pile of layers, Lenin Lunar braved the blizzard for an outdoor lunch - in just his underwear.

Lunar, who relocated to Hanmer Springs from Venezuela five years ago, was on his break from work at the Heritage Hotel when a colleague snapped him almost starkers.

However, the occasion was no casual dining experience - Lunar's near-naked antics were a tradition since moving to New Zealand.

"I always take a picture almost naked in winter - every year I take one," he said.

More seasoned to scorching temperatures and sprawling beaches than blizzards, the South American native admitted the concept of snow caught him by surprise at first and he was "still getting used to this".

While he only lasted 10 minutes in the bone-chilling conditions before calling time on lunch, he did not rule out another outdoor romp when more snow had settled.

"Maybe for dinner," he said.


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