Houses evacuated after further slips

02:05, Jun 22 2013

Residents of 11 Dunedin households were evacuated early today after further land subsidence in the area of a major slip earlier this week.

The alarm was raised about 4am by a resident of Blanket Bay Rd, who reported further land subsidence in the area where there was substantial slipping two days ago, Senior Sergeant Dave Scott of Dunedin police said.

As a precaution, 11 households in the area, on the north side of Otago Harbour, were evacuated. One resident needed help from the Fire Service to leave her property because of debris blocking her driveway.

No one was hurt, and during the morning the all clear was given for the evacuated residents to return to their homes.

The evacuation was done as a precaution, and in daylight it could be seen that while the slip had expanded it was not posing any greater threat," Dunedin City Council civil defence manager Neil Brown said.

"At 4.30 in the morning when people hear stuff moving and trees crashing, you don't sit around to ask how big is it, you do move people away from any potential danger."


In the initial slip overnight Wednesday a section of Upper Junction Rd had come down and crossed Blanket Bay Rd. It had not directly threatened any houses, although access to two places had been affected, Brown said.

An assessment of the initial slip indicated it should not get much bigger.

Early today quite a bit more material had come down as the edges of the slip eroded further, but it was not posing any greater threat to houses.

Crews were working to remove the bottom of the slip from Blanket Bay Rd.

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