Gunman went on the run after shooting

06:04, Jun 23 2013

Police have arrested a suspect after a man was shot in the head in Auckland this afternoon.

Neighbours reported hearing loud arguing between two males and a female before a shot was fired outside a Kupe St address in Orakei.

Witnesses told police the gunman ran down the street still holding the weapon and police scoured a number of properties in a bid to track him down.

They eventually arrested a 26-year-old in the area a couple of hours later and said they were not seeking anyone else in connection with the incident.

The victim ran around the corner onto Tokomaru St where he was picked up by ambulance shortly after sustaining his injuries.

He was taken to hospital for a wound to his temple but is expected to make a full recovery.

Inspector Earl McIntosh said they were unsure what kind of weapon the man was wielding but it had been described as "a long rifle" by people who saw him running down the road.

McIntosh said, with the nature of the victim's injury, it was likely the weapon was a rifle rather than an airgun.

Detectives will interview the man this evening, before deciding whether any criminal charges will be laid.


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