Mystery still surrounds 2degrees crash

05:05, Jun 28 2013
Eric Hertz
FLIGHT ENTHUSIAST: The late Eric Bennett Hertz, 58, and his wife Katherine Picone Hertz, 64.

The cause of the plane crash that killed 2degrees boss Eric Hertz and his wife, Kathy, is still undetermined, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says.

Eric Bennett Hertz, 58, and Katherine Picone Hertz, 64, were in their twin-engine Beechcraft Baron when it plunged into the sea off Kawhia Harbour on March 30.

The CAA today released its interim factual report into the Easter Weekend accident, which outlines that 30 minutes into the fatal flight the aircraft rapidly lost speed and disappeared from radar a minute and a half later.

Acting director of Civil Aviation Chris Ford said early examinations show the plane's propellers were "under little or no power at the time the aircraft impacted the water".

"The propeller angles were in a position usually associated with a cruise setting".

Investigations into the accident are ongoing. The CAA will examine the technical and maintenance history of the aircraft and an analysis of air traffic controller voice recording to determine the cause of the crash, he said.

"We remain open-minded as to the cause or causes. There is still a lot of work to be done," he said.


Waikato Times