Four cyclists injured after being hit by car

12:51, Jul 01 2013

Police says cyclists must ensure they are visible after four cyclists were hit and injured near Hamilton tonight.

Emergency services were called after a car drove into a group of 11 - 14 cyclists riding in a bunch on Puketaha Road, which leads to Gordonton on the outskirts of Hamilton.

Three cyclists were taken to Waikato Hospital with moderate injuries and a fourth man with critical injuries.

Senior Sergeant Dave Litton, of Hamilton Police, said the accident ''could have been a great deal worse given the 100kmh speed limit'' and the number of cyclists in this group. 

"It appears that the driver has simply not seen all of the cyclists when overtaking them and pulled back into the group,'' he said.

''Lack of visibility, along with the driver not allowing sufficient space to perform the overtaking have both played a part in this collision".

One of the cyclists is believed to have been thrown through the car's windscreen.

A resident from animal lodge boarding business Kennel and Cattery who gave her name as Sharon, said speed was a common problem down the long, largely straight road.

''They just hike along here. I was out the front the other day and one guy was just racing (past).''

Sharon, who has lived on the road for 15 years, said the speed limit changed from 80kmh to 100kmh just past her front gate but many drivers were already travelling at least open road speed before they passed it.

''The road has just got busier and busier.''

She said groups of cyclists were a common sight on the road.


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