Severe quake rocks Milford Sound

A series of earthquakes have shaken Milford Sound and Fiordland this morning, including one "severe" magnitude 5.2 shake.

GeoNet recorded a magnitude 5.2 earthquake 10km north-east of Milford Sound at 7.41am today.

The quake was 6km deep and was deemed to be of "severe" intensity.

GeoNet users reported feeling the quake from as far away as Dunedin and Christchurch.

The jolt was followed quickly by four smaller earthquakes in the same area, including two magnitude 3.4 quakes at 7.45am and 7.46am.

A magnitude 3 quake was also reported in the area at 7.55am and a "moderate" quake measuring magnitude 4 was recorded at 7.59am.

Another shake, initially measuring 4.7, was reported in the same at 8.14am.