MFAT issues Egypt travel warning

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is warning New Zealanders against any non-essential travel to Egypt, and to steer clear of all protests particularly in Cairo.

A spokesman said 201 New Zealanders were registered as being in Egypt.

"We strongly recommend all New Zealanders in Egypt register their details on and keep their family and friends in New Zealand informed of their safety and well-being.

"We continue to advise New Zealanders against all tourist and other non-essential travel to Egypt due to the unpredictable political situation, civil unrest and threat from terrorism," the spokesman said. 

"New Zealanders currently in Egypt are strongly advised to avoid all protests, demonstrations, rallies and large public gatherings and maintain a high level of security awareness in public places."  

He said the New Zealand Embassy was fully operational and had not been directly affected by the protests. All New Zealand and local staff were known to be safe.

"There are three New Zealand diplomatic staff in Cairo, and one locally employed New Zealander.  All are considered essential staff.

"There is no current intention to evacuate personnel.  There are no dependants of staff currently in Cairo."