No action over link in Ryder case

17:00, Jul 12 2013
aaron keown
Christchurch City Councillor Aaron Keown.

A city councillor who used social media to post information that could identify the alleged attackers of cricketer Jesse Ryder would "probably not" do it again.

Christchurch city councillor Aaron Keown came under fire after he posted a link on his Facebook page to a video of the two alleged attackers leaving court.

The lawyer for the accused, Jonathan Eaton, reported Keown's actions to the police and the solicitor-general. Keown will not be charged over the incident.

"Would I do it again? Probably not," Keown said. He said society needed to debate whether Facebook was a form of media or an "extension of ourselves".

Earlier this week, Jordan Mason was sentenced to two months' community detention and 140 hours' community work after he was warned by a police officer that he would be breaching suppression if he posted footage online of the men accused of assaulting Ryder, but did it anyway.

Eaton said last night he was "happy for the issue to be left where it is".

"It's a matter for the solicitor-general to decide," he said.

"It doesn't mean that the conduct was appropriate or was being condoned by anyone."


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