Brawling mob of women broken up by police

22:20, Jul 24 2013

An intoxicated mob of women scrapping on a suburban Hamilton street early this morning forced police to use skirmish lines to break up the ruckus.

A string of 111 calls were logged at Police Northern Communications Centre about the unruly group on Tennyson Rd, Enderley, and the police public safety team responded at about 2.15am.

Shift manager, Senior Sergeant Pete Simpson, said the first group of officers arrived to find about 25 highly intoxicated and agitated women out on the street so they backed off to await backup.

When a police prison truck and additional staff arrived, Simpson said a skirmish line was formed to allow officers to clear the street and the group was dispersed without further incident.

"Given this is the second week of the school holidays we're usually talking to the public about issues around problem youth with too much time on their hands,'' Simpson said.

"This morning's incident seems to indicate the young people are safe home in bed and those who should know better are putting themselves and others at risk by how and what they're drinking."

Simpson said follow up enquiries would be made today into identifying the women involved and finding solutions to help prevent a repeat of the incident.


Waikato Times