Gang members hinder fire-fighting efforts

04:26, Jul 28 2013

Fire crews and police attending a burning house in Whangarei also had to contend with attendees of a near-by gang party, who hindered them and tried to break into a police car last night.

A Fire Service spokesman said the fire on William Jones Dr, Otangerei was "well-involved" when crews arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police said a car was also set alight and police were "initially hindered by the actions of gang members attending a party at a nearby address".

An attempt was made to break into a police car attending the scene, police said.

The Fire Service spokesman said crews were concerned when they could not locate one of the occupants of the burning house.

The house's roof collapsed and the search was abandoned until this morning.

Fire crews have returned to the address and searched the burned property but no sign of the missing occupant has been found.

Fire investigators are now on site.