Three injured after boat crashes

Three people have been taken to hospital after a pleasure boat crashed into a wharf and snapped a pile.

The driver was thought to have some sort of medical collapse, which resulted in him pushing the throttle forward, as he brought the boat into Gisborne Harbour, Fire Service senior station officer Bernie Bull said.

"He glanced off the left hand side of  the entrance, the seawall, and then shot across to the other side and ended up wedged into the wharf piles."

A pile had been broken in the crash around 4pm yesterday, and the front of the boat had major damage.

An aerial appliance and a stretcher had been used like a crane to lift two teenagers and an an adult off the boat, Bull said.

The three were taken to Gisborne Hospital.

Bull did not have information about their condition, but understood the problems were not life-threatening.