Protest shuts down courtroom

About 80 protesters who forced the shut-down of a Taranaki court been cleared out of the courtroom.

The protesters, who were supporting Hawera woman, Kiri Campbell, have moved outside the courtroom itself but still refuse to leave the premises.

The court session has resumed, but the public gallery is closed.

Campbell has been charged with four counts of using a document to gain a pecuniary advantage.

She was due to appear in the Hawera District Court this morning but her supporters turned out in force and caused the shut down of the courtroom.

A Taranaki Daily News reporter in the court said the media had been asked to leave for their own safety.

One man in the court was waving a Maori flag and would not stop when asked, saying: "I do not consent to what you say, sir," whenever approached by a court officer.

Campbell's plight has gained traction over the last few days on social media and has been associated with the Maori sovereignty movement.

Taranaki Daily News