Lotto winner yet to claim prize

07:45, Sep 29 2013
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There's no word on if she's the winner, but lotto punter Sue Crockford was one of many buying tickets at Saturday at One Step Ahead, the outlet where the winning ticket was sold.

The winner of a $33 million lotto draw is yet to claim their cash - with hopeful customers at the lucky store so far disappointed.

The prize - the largest in the game's history - was won last night by a single ticket sold in Auckland.

Shoe repair store One Step Ahead in Ponsonby said since the win was announced the phone has been ringing off the hook.

"We're a little bit shell-shocked," said owner Alison Ashton. "We're not usually open on a Sunday but we've been here this morning and a few regulars have been coming by to check if it was them."

The store has sold six first division tickets in its history, Ashton said.

Last night's prize had to go after the jackpot passed the $30m threshold.


Normally, winners have to pick all six numbers and the Powerball but because no one picked all the correct numbers it dropped down to second division.

The winning ticket had five numbers, the bonus ball and the all-important Powerball.

Two punters will be kicking themselves tonight after picking all six Lotto numbers but not the Powerball.

The pair get $500,000 each.

The $33 million is the second big win this week after a Christchurch ticket won $22 million in the Big Wednesday draw. That prize is also unclaimed.

Lotto sales rose to $28 million this week ahead of the massive draw.

What you could buy with $33 million

- A third share of Peter Jackson's private jet - worth $80m.

- Most of Kim Dotcom's house - the Chrisco mansion - thought to be worth around $35m.

- 20 million Meridian shares @ $1.60 each.

- 8 million lattes at $4 each.

- Monet's 1908 "Le Palais Contarini" painting, worth $30.8 million.

- 639kg of gold at $51.66 per gram.



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