Balloon trucker in accident

08:29, Nov 14 2013

The truck driver who inflated like a balloon when he fell on a compressed air tank's nozzle has been in the wars again.

This time Steve McCormack escaped harm after his 44-tonne logging truck rolled.

He had been heading to the Port of Tauranga from Opotiki with a full load of logs this week. As he crested a small rise the truck began slowly tipping sideways and he was unable to right it, the Whakatane Beacon reported.

The truck and its load were spread over the road, blocking both lanes.

In 2011 he made headlines around the world after the incident with the tank. Incredibly, he made a full recovery and returned to truck driving.

Senior Constable Lesley Warren said accidents like this week's could happen in split seconds and it was very fortunate no-one had been killed.

Motorists should be extra vigilant when using routes frequented by heavy vehicles.


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