Motorway slow-down irks other drivers

07:41, Nov 27 2013

Auckland police were distressed to receive complaints over drivers slowing down due to increased police presence on the Southern Motorway, just days before a policy of greater police visibility on the roads comes into force. 

Following a number of traffic incidents on Auckland's Southern Motorway this evening police deployed patrol cars with flashing lights and warning signs asking drivers to slow down for safety reasons. 

While most drivers complied, police were somewhat concerned to receive a number phone calls from some drivers who complained that others were slowing down in response to the signs. 

From December 1 to January 31 police will reduce their tolerance to 4kmph above the official speed limit and trial 28 red cars to increase visibility, as part of a nationwide campaign to reduce the summer road toll.

During that period last year there were 416 serious injuries on New Zealand roads, including 57 deaths.


Fairfax Media