Quake 'small but violent'

02:37, Dec 05 2013
Takahe 3.4 quake
SHAKEN UP: This Geonet map shows the shallow quake as a red star just below the Sign of the Takahe on Cashmere Hill.

A moderate earthquake has shaken Christchurch's hillside residents.

Geonet described the 11am shake as a "moderate" magnitude 3.3 quake, centred at just 5km deep near the Sign of the Takahe, on Cashmere Hill. The shake was initially recorded as 3.4.

A "rattled" Huntsbury resident said it felt "quite violent".

Mike Yardley quickly posted on Facebook: "Boom . . . very short, sharp shake here in Huntsbury".

Davena Shields said it was "definitely scary" in a post on The Press's Facebook page.

"Biggest I've felt in a while, everything rattled loudly in the cupboards. Whole house jolted up adn down several times."


Donna Pearce said it was "loud and scary" and she was "ready to jump under my desk in Ensors Rd".

Deon Swiggs, near the stadium, said he felt the "jump rattle and roll". "I thought Santa was trying to jump out of the Christmas tree."

While some felt nothing, others as far away as the city centre and airport felt the jolt.

The Geonet website received more than 200 "felt reports" within 10 minutes of the shake.

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