Helicopter rescue in Kaimanawa Ranges

04:28, Dec 14 2013

A man with a fractured femur was airlifted from the Kaimanawa Ranges during a thunderstorm today.

The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter, based in Taupo, was called to a remote site in the ranges where a man had been kicked off his motorbike by one of the wild Kaimanawa horses.

Helicopter base manager Nat Every said the 57-year-old man was in considerable pain when the helicopter arrived.

As he was being treated, a thunderstorm began and the emergency staff had to treat him while lightning hit the hills and torrential rain started to fall.

He was airlifted to Waikato Hospital.

It is believed the man was on a motorbike trail with a group of riders when a herd of eight wild horses crossed the path in front of them: one of the horses reared and knocked the man off his bike, kicked him several times and then ran off.

He has a fractured femur.


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