Bikini road rage video goes viral

Police are investigating after a video featuring a bikini-clad blonde wielding a screwdriver went viral on Facebook.

The short clip appears to be filmed from inside a car and shows a young woman in a striped bikini confronting another driver.


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The blonde, from Upper Hutt, shouts, "You nearly cut my car off, do you know how to drive?"

She demands to see the other driver's licence and then appears to hit her in the face.

Police say the blonde woman turned herself in at the Upper Hutt station yesterday after the video was uploaded on Sunday.

Senior Sergeant Carolyn McKenzie said officers were still investigating, and she encouraged the apparent victim to come forward.

"At this stage, we don't believe she was hit with a screwdriver but that she's actually holding it in her other hand."

One Facebook user, who did not want to be named, recorded it as it played on her computer screen and shared it on her page, saying she was ''disgusted'' by the woman's antics. 

The video has since been shared multiple times and attracted hundreds of comments from unimpressed Facebook users, some of whom claimed to know the victim and her alleged assailant.

McKenzie said the reaction to the video demonstrated how photographed and filmed exploits shared by social media users  quickly became ''bigger than Ben Hur''.

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