Council knocks back living wage

07:24, Dec 19 2013

Auckland mayor Len Brown has lost out in a bid to push through a living wage vote for council workers.

Councillor Cameron Brewer's push for the council to do the remuneration policy work first has been voted in instead. 

Brewer said that the living wage would have an impact on residential rates over the next two years. 

"Council is now not rushing into this. We’re doing the work first and that’s a great outcome and reflects a much better process," he said. "What’s more, Auckland businesses concerned about the knock-on effects can now stand down and see what council reports and policy work delivers next year.”  

The remuneration policy pushed through will look at staffing numbers and salaries across the council.

"This will enable the CEO to deliver the much talked about report on the living wage’s wider implications in the new year before any future budgetary decisions are made and the public is formally consulted," said Brewer. 

Brewer's renumeration policy work was voted in 11/10 at today's council meeting.