Crash leaves car dangling from cliff

Two people were rescued from a car that drove off a Coromandel cliff but was caught by a tree yesterday.

Emergency services were called by one of the people inside the vehicle left hanging from the tree 10 metres down the bank on the Tapu-Coroglen road at around 5pm.

"They had a bit of a hair raising moment. They weren't injured. We had to get them to stay rather still while we secured them and got them out," said a Northern Fire Communications spokesperson.

It took around 30 minutes for emergency services, including the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, to reach the accident scene on the shingle road between the east and west coast of the Coromandel.

The car was secured with ropes by the Whitianga volunteer fire brigade and the pair were rescued with a ladder.

They were taken to Thames by Police and the car was also successfully removed.

"Thankfully both occupants were uninjured. They were very lucky," said a Police North Communications spokesperson.