Wet weather perfect for indoor pursuits

BARBECUE BARGAIN: Marty Walsh makes the most of the second day of sales at The Warehouse in Lyall Bay.
BARBECUE BARGAIN: Marty Walsh makes the most of the second day of sales at The Warehouse in Lyall Bay.

The wet weather has put the kibosh on barbecues, the beach and outdoor summer fun, leaving movie theatres and museums to reap the rewards.

Both Te Papa and Reading Courtenay Place were flooded with people seeking cover from the wind and rain, while shopping malls were notably quieter after the bustle of Boxing Day.

Te Papa spokeswoman Bridget MacDonald said yesterday was much busier than Boxing Day, with most of the exhibitions and tours full, and the car park and cafes humming all day.

About 7000 people went through the doors yesterday - a couple of thousand more than the day before and slightly more than this time last year.

MacDonald said summer holidays were always busy, but the wet weather had definitely helped get more people in.

Freyberg Pool was also welcoming larger numbers, thanks to people heading to the lanes to work off a bit of Christmas pudding rather than sitting inside watching the rain fall.

Lifeguard Erica Sach said lots of customers had come in moaning about the weather, and holiday-goers had been uncomplimentary about the capital's forecast.

"We've had people coming in consistently all day and it was particularly busy when the doors opened first thing in the morning."

But, at Staglands Wildlife Reserve in Upper Hutt, it was the opposite, and numbers were considerably down on previous years.

Owner Sarah Purdy said it was disappointing, as this was a busy time when most people were still off work.

"It's hard to recover if this period is quiet," she said. "We can live with a couple of wet days but, if you look at the forecast, it's 10 days."

Max and Ben Stevens were making the most of the wet weather and had dragged their mum along to Reading Cinema in Porirua to see Frozen.

The boys had planned to go to the skatepark but were not too fussed that their plans were washed out.

Marty Walsh, of Seatoun, did not mind braving the elements for the sake of a bargain, snapping up a three-burner barbecue at The Warehouse in Lyall Bay.

"I've had a good hunt around and this seems to be the best deal," he said.

It was unlikely the new toy would get a test run last night, but he hoped the sun would return so he could sizzle some sausages and chops.

"That's what barbecues are for - to burn your sausages and chops."

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