Good turns make up for one 'rotten egg'

23:34, Dec 27 2013
Peter Blake
BAD LUCK'S OVER: Things are looking up for Peter Blake.

It seems some good luck has finally come Peter Blake's way.

The wheelchair-bound beneficiary had a rough introduction to Palmerston North, experiencing a string of misfortunes less than three weeks after he moved to the city.

Blake, 63, gets about in a wheelchair after losing a leg to acute diabetes three years ago.

He was heading into town from his home, at Abbeyfield House in Vogel St, in his motorised chair last month when his bag – a small black pouch containing his wallet, cellphone and cash – was snatched outside Terrace End School in Ruahine St.

A young man playing with a soccer ball walked past him, but doubled back and stole his bag off the arm of his wheelchair, leaving Blake, and a woman who witnessed the robbery, yelling after him but unable to give chase.

But that wasn't the end of Blake's woes. He went into the school for help and on the way out his wheelchair broke down, requiring a technician to get it going again. Then, as he finally got on his way, his chair got stuck in a grate.


Blake said it was a bleak month, but since then he had been blessed with good fortune, including a new chair, more than $200 in donations from complete strangers and a box of food delivered by two young women.

"I've always known there are good people out there and it just reaffirms that for every rotten egg there's at least 10 good ones willing to help."

The father of the young man who robbed him also visited to apologise for his son's actions.

"The silly young devil was seen the next day stalking a young Asian woman outside the school and the woman who witnessed him doing it to me saw him and called the police," Blake said.

Mr Blake has reconsidered how he carries his bag so "they'd have a heck of a job getting it off me now".

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