Bizarre items discovered at the border

16:00, Dec 31 2013

Blood, faeces and fish eggs are among items people tried to bring in or take out of New Zealand.

Figures obtained under the Official Information Act show all the items confiscated during the immigration process at airports nationally between January 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013.

More than 165,000 declared items were seized, with about 85,000 of those destroyed and about 78,100 ultimately cleared.

Of the declared items, more than 25,200 fresh produce items were destroyed followed by nearly 17,000 meat products.

Nearly 80,000 items of used equipment were seized, all bar about 800 being returned to their owners.

Other items declared and destroyed included animal parts, honey, pet food, cheese, plants and water for religious activity.



Top seized and destroyed declared items (not in a particular order):

Fruit fly host species

Dried meat

Fresh meat


Top seized undeclared items:


Dried meat

Fresh meat

Animal skins/hides

Odd items seized:

Animal semen

Pate Faeces/Dung

Tissue extracts

Live animals, including insects and spiders 

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