New Year's bombshell

16:00, Jan 01 2014
Apanui Mason grenade
EXPLOSIVE FINDINGS: Apanui Mason found a grenade while cleaning the basement of his Titahi Bay home, along with this rifle cartridge made into a pencil. 

Apanui Mason got a New Year's Day surprise - a visit from the bomb disposal squad.

Pottering in his Titahi Bay basement, Mason found a grenade in a forgotten box, which had to be taken away and destroyed in case it was explosive.

He said he did not really know where the grenade, which was in a box containing empty cartridges and what looked like regimental buttons, had come from.

"I'd done a bit of work for a family friend and it must have got tangled up with a box of stuff I got given," he said.

"It's been sitting up there for a good five years."

The box had been leaning against another on a shelf above the washing machine. Doing some sorting yesterday, he picked it up and gave it a bit of a shake.


"I thought, ‘Oh, there's something inside,' so I opened it . . . there were bullets and a hand grenade."

He calmly took the box outside and laid it on the grass before calling police, who told him to stay put. When they showed up, it was established that it was a hand grenade and the bomb squad was called.

However, while they were waiting, there were some hairy moments, he said.

"The wind blew [the box] over and the grenade rolled out. Then a bird sat down and started pecking at it."

The Dominion Post